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7 Reasons To Choose An Attorney To Incorporate My Business

While there are currently many non-attorney incorporation services now available which tout their low incorporation fees, there a number of very real reasons why you should choose a licensed Attorney to form your new business, including:

  1. Non-Attorney individuals and companies cannot lawfully provide you with legal advice concerning the formation and maintenance of your company.
  2. Many of these individuals and companies fees are so low because they do not provide all of the services needed to complete the incorporation and formation filing and process for full compliance with the applicable Nevada statutes. This may lead to your paying even more fees in the long run.
  3. Some of these companies and individuals, while advertising that they are “incorporating” a company for you, actually only form an entity with themselves shown as legal owner and then “sell” the consumer a corporate or LLC “shell”. Some unwitting consumers are then left on their own, not knowing that additional filings and procedures are required until they discover that their entity charter has been revoked or that they may be subjected to personal liability and are then hit with additional fees and costs to bring the entity into compliance (if the deficiencies are discovered soon enough).
  4. Many of these entities only provide you with non-customized Forms that may or may not fit your company’s specific needs.
  5. An Attorney, on the other hand, can assess your specific needs and provide you with valuable legal advice and a customized entity formation that may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run.
  6. An Attorney can provide you with ongoing legal advice and assistance to help ensure that your company continues to provide you and your associates with the personal liability shield that is critical to ensure that the individuals are not saddled with costly personal judgments and other problems.
  7. An Attorney can provide your business with ongoing legal advice and assistance to help you make important decisions that may greatly impact your company. To form a Nevada entity either give us a call or email for an appointment for a free consultation. Or, to start the process to form a Nevada Corporation or LLC now, click on the following link to complete the online formation questionnaire.

Form a Nevada LLC Online
Form a Nevada Corporation Online