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The Nevada LLC (Nevada Limited Liability Company)

Some of the Benefits of a Nevada LLC:

In terms of “front end” risks (potential or actual risk which comes from conducting the business itself), a Nevada LLC offers excellent protection. Nevada’s LLC statute provides for a business entity that is very favorable to the business owner. For example:

  • Nevada LLC’s have few “formality” requirements: [No organizational or annual meetings required/No minutes required, Operating Agreement not statutorily required (though an operating agreement is recommended in every case), single member LLC allowed, members may be corporations, other LLC’s, trusts, LP’s, LLP’s, etc.)
  • Nevada allows Nevada LLC members (the business owners) the maximum ability to maintain anonymity
  • A great deal of flexibility afforded to the Nevada LLC for its own governance
  • Nevada has no state tax on corporate profits, no state annual franchise tax, or no state personal income tax
  • No information sharing w/IRS
  • Nevada’s laws favor business, in general

Some of the Advantages of a Nevada LLC as compared to a Corporation:

  • Nevada LLC is not required to hold organizational or annual meetings/No Minutes or resolutions required
  • Operating Agreement not required for a Nevada LLC
  • Ownership Certificates not required for a Nevada LLC
  • The Nevada LLC offers maximum flexibility of internal governance without “Statutory” imposition
  • The Nevada LLC Offers some “Back End” Protection (protection of the business owner’s ownership interest and membership rights in the Nevada LLC):
  • Membership Interests of Nevada LLC owners are not directly “attachable” or “seizable” by Judgment Creditors (Stock in a Corporation is attachable by Judgment Creditors …..The Nevada LLC Membership Interest of an individual is not attachable by a judgment creditor under the Nevada LLC laws. . . . . the only remedy for a member’s judgment creditors is to obtain a “Charging Order” to “charge” the member’s right to receive a distribution of profits if, and when, a distribution is made)
  • Simplicity

Form a Nevada LLC Online