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Nevada Estate Planning Attorney


R.D. Johnson Law Offices has been actively practicing in the area of Estate planning for many years.  In assisting you to accomplish your estate planning needs and objectives, we offer a free ½ your consultation where we can carefully assess your specific situation and needs and offer the Estate Plan that is the best fit for you.

Estate Planning in Nevada may include the following:

Last Will & Testament (Click here for more information on Nevada Wills)

Revocable Living Trust (Click here for more information on Living Trusts)

Pour Over Will

Nevada Asset Protection Trust (Nevada Spendthrift Trust) (Click here for more information on the Nevada Spendthrift Trust)

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

IRA Trust

General Durable Power of Attorney

Health Care Power of Attorney

HIPPA Waivers


In addition to the foregoing items that you would ordinarily do through an attorney, of course, you Estate Plan may also include things such as Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, Health Care and Long-Term Care insurance, etc.  Through proper planning, those items can be best coordinated with the other aspects and parts of your Estate Plan.

One of the biggest factors in your Estate Plan is ensuring that your estate does not have to go through the Probate process.  The Probate process is a long process and it be a significant cost to your estate – which, in sum, means that your family and other intended recipients will have to wait through the probate process before they will receive anything and, most importantly, they will receive less than they otherwise would if the probate proceeding had been avoided.  The use of Trusts, such as the Revocable Living Trust and/or the Nevada Spendthrift Trust, can help ensure that your estate does not wind up in a probate proceeding.   At R.D. Johnson Law Offices, we take the time and care to make sure that the costs to your estate are minimized and the benefits for you and your family are maximized.

Contact us today for your free Estate Planning Consultation